Starlight Necklace

I made this necklace after a trip to Okinawa last summer. Wearing it always reminds me of the fun times I spent there. Of hanging out at the beach with good friends, the sand and the sea. The colours in this piece have a summery feel that makes me think of the beach at sunset and that first lone star that you glimpse at twilight, shinning brightly like a jewel in the sky.

The sea in Okinawa is incredibly blue and changes colour throughout the day like a chameleon. In the early morning, it's full of soft blues and pinks. During the day, it transforms into a gradient of aquamarine and cerulean that contrasts with the white sand. Then, as the sun sets, the water changes again into a mysterious mix of indigo, orange and purple.

I bought the parts for this necklace at Rollo in Kobe. (I'll be posting about this shop and my trip to Kobe soon!) The button is French antique and made of plastic that's been painted blue. I love it's colour and glossy finish! The gold star, which I glued to the button, is stamped in what I think is brass. The red-orange glass bead has subtle swirls of colour inside the bead that you can only see when you hold it up to the light. To connect the pieces, I attached two metal plates to the back of the blue button so I could hang the bead from one side and attach a gold chain to the other. And somehow, the contrasting colours in this necklace actually complement each other.

Do you have any summer jewellery that reminds you of a faraway place or a happy holiday? I'd love to hear from you!