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 & Stripe

Living in Nara, I don't get many chances to go to Tokyo. But the last time I did, I was lucky enough to find this beautiful button shop! & Stripe is in Nakameguro, just a short train ride away from the centre of the city. It's one of my favourite areas in Tokyo, with it's winding streets that are dotted with quirky little shops and boutiques. They're definitely worth a look if you like handmade or vintage goods. I love wandering around here and discovering little things that make me smile like the cute wrought iron birds you can see on the bridges that span the river. The first time I went shopping here back in 2007, I bought my very first pair of bird earrings! It marked the beginning of what has become a happy obsession of mine!

& Stripe is in a lovely quiet street that runs along the river. You could easily spend an hour or so browsing among the thousands of buttons they have on display. There's also a few cafes nearby so if you're shopping with someone who's not a button enthusiast, they can go and get a coffee while you shop! Stacked in glass jars like an old fashioned sweet shop, the buttons look a lot like lollies so visiting this store made me feel a little like a kid in a candy shop! They also stock a variety of vintage and new buttons as well as jewellery making parts. So next time I'm in Tokyo, I definitely want to visit & Stripe again!

Do you know any crafty jewellery / button shops in Tokyo? I'd love to hear from you!

Wrought iron birds on a bridge in Nakameguro

Cute flower boxes and a pinwheel that caught my eye


Sakura and ginko leaf manhole cover


Broccoli Trees

I found these sweet little buttons on a trip to Toyko last year. The shop I bought them from & Stripe (which I'll be posting about very soon) is in a quiet little back street in Nakameguro, one of my favourite areas in Tokyo. 

Image courtesy of attackofhtecute.com

Image courtesy of attackofhtecute.com

These little tree buttons remind me so much of broccoli florets, hence the name broccoli trees! I also happen to LOVE broccoli - my all time favourite vegetable - at least as much as this hamster does!!!

These buttons came in many bright colours but I chose the leaf green and lime green ones. To make them into earrings, I removed the loops at the back of the buttons and sanded down the surface before attaching some metal plates to hang the earring hooks from. They're very light and fun to wear. So now I can eat my broccoli and wear it too!