Feather Button Brooch

Buttons and feathers go together!

I've been wanting to make some jewellery with feathers for a while! I bought these feathers a long time ago so its good to finally use them in a piece. I'm not quite sure why but I think buttons and feathers go together - maybe its because buttons are hard whilst weathers are soft and floaty. Either way, I love the way in which feathers are delicate and strong at the same time. Its amazing that something as fragile as a feather can allow a bird to fly.


In the Feather Button Brooch, I wanted to show the beautiful lines and patterns in the feathers. I chose these two antique buttons to match the burgundy and olive green feathers. The pearly green button came from a lovely little button shop in Kyoto called Ecrin. (I'll be posting about this shop very soon!) The smaller purple button came from the Rollo store in Kyoto. I like the wispy, feather like detail on the top. I think it might have been made by using some kind of marbling technique when the button was being formed.

I made the brooch by cutting some brass tubing and sliding it through the hook at the back of the button and then gluing it in place. After that, I attached a gold brooch back that I bought from Tokyu Hands, one of my favourite crafty shops in Japan. Then I glued the purple button to the front if the piece. I'm trying out a new glue at the moment called Super XG Gold. I've had a bit of trouble finding a glue that bonds plastic and metal parts together permanently so I'm still testing this one out! The last thing I did was thread the two feathers through the tubing until I had a shape I was happy with. The finished brooch is very light to wear and a little bit whimsical!

How about you? Do you own any feathery jewellery?