The Blue Key

Square link details on the silver chain

When I was a kid, I learnt to play the piano. I wasn't a very good student because I didn't practice enough. But I did like to open the piano lid sometimes to look inside. I thought there was something really beautiful about the way the keys were nestled next to each other. It seemed kind of magical that a bunch of keys and wires, held together at just the right tension, could create all those different notes and sounds.

So I've called this necklace The Blue Key because it reminds me of piano keys sitting side by side, waiting to be played. I love the shape and 3D chunkiness of the button. It also feels lovely to hold! 

I think the button might be made of some kind of plastic like melamine. It looks like it could have been carved by hand and then finished with a glossy cerulean blue paint. I also love the small white details left on the edges of the button because they really enhance it's geometric shape.

The button is French antique from Rollo and I think it's one of those perfect pieces that doesn't need anything added or taken away to make it into jewellery. The pendant was very easy to make. I simply I glued a metal plate onto the back of the button so that it would hang diagonally. Then, I added some silver squares along the length of the silver chain so that when you wear the necklace, they catch the light and reflect the shape of the button.

I think this button would also make a lovely ring too! What do you think?