Button Shops

  Rollo (Kyoto & Kobe). I wrote about it here.

  Brocantetit (Kobe)

  Idola (Kyoto)

  Ecrin (Kyoto)

  & Stripe (Nakameguro, Tokyo)

  Taylors Buttons (London)

Jewellery Parts & Craft Supplies

  Tokyu Hands (All over Japan)

  Kawachi Artist's Supplies (Osaka)

  Parts Club  (All over Japan). I buy a lot of my basic jewellery parts like hooks, jump rings and crystal beads here.

  Beads Shop j4 (Kyoto)

Blogs & Websites

  Indie Art and Design

  HiNGE Dept. Accessory

  Rust Made in England

  Epheriell Siver Simplicity

  Kimono Reincarnate